Sincere questions

John Singer Sargent, 1925

through this screened apparatus
i still somehow call a phone,
can you know i’m not an actress?
can i know i’m not alone?

if ancient mighty Atlas
found our globe, so finely webbed,
could he lift it? or, in practice,
is it hanging by a thread
above his head?

Sun & Wind

same story, different poet – via Fables of Aesop

A man whose cloak flowed raven black
intrigued the Sun & Wind.

The Wind bragged, “With a power you lack,
I’ll steal that off his back!”

The Sun replied, “Oh, is that true?
I’ll watch you follow through.”

Riled up, the Wind blew, blew & blew
with all his strength & will—
the man did not release the cloak
but held it closer still.

That’s when the Sun poured down her rays
to make the weather hot
& with persuasion won a game
mere forcefulness could not.


Joseph Goebbels

I’ve taken it upon myself
to educate mankind.
I’ve studied much psychology,
much science of the mind.
My stamina’s uncanny;
my resolve is absolute:
I’m speaking for the underdogs
who’d otherwise be mute!
I do their thinking for them—
that’s what I was trained to do.
You wonder who I am?
I am not Red.
I am not Blue.
I’m someone using power
to make fake promises to you.

Inspired by Propaganda by Jaques Ellul